Truly Custom Ecommerce Transactional Emails

Current e-commerce transactional email customization options are super limited. I want more flexibility to change the layout, design, and content of the email. If the webflow designer can't support it, at the very least I'd like to drop in my own code.

This is important because every touch point a brand has with their customers should be optimized to create a unique experience.

  • Seth Ferguson
  • Aug 9 2019
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  • Mario Benedetti commented
    7 Jun, 2023 10:34am

    Yes pleeeeas make this possible. I would love to add some personal Lines to my Emails and be able to design the layout a bit more.

    I was amazed that this is so far not possible in webflow, being be best webdesign plattform out there!

    You can even style and custimze this in squarespace and other simple web builders…



  • Mustafa Ozalcin commented
    30 Mar, 2021 04:21pm

    This definitely needs to be expedited to be, at the very least, properly responsive (like the checkout pages), because currently the emails aren't, and it's difficult to accept.

  • Craftengine commented
    20 Apr, 2020 02:17pm

    Meet the first email and newsletter Webflow template!

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