Symbols... change the name

Hi. Having only recently come across Webflow, it does look very impressive!! However, I feel uneasy about the slack use of terminology, which seems rife with online tools. Why does everybody think it okay to change and make up their own interpretations of language? Symbols really doesn't cut it for what you yourself even refer to as components in the videos. Symbols have a particular meaning and using that term for what are re-usable components is odd. Mapbox does the same with ‘cartogram’; they use it to describe colour styles on maps. That's not what cartogram means, period. It makes things easier and more intuitive (UX) if the correct terminology is used. Sounds a bit of a grumpy gripe, but this sort of thing tends to lead to bigger problems in later development. Components, not Symbols. That's how most other fields describe this approach. Thank you.

  • Jason Clark
  • Aug 11 2019
  • Shipped