Page link generator on item ID settings panel + Link search

Auto Generated Link Name

It would be very useful to have an automatically generated page link for a selected item after inputting an ID name - 

You could add the ID text, then it would auto-generate the page link to the item - as shown in image. 

Image - Webflow idea


- Main site address could come from the address given in site settings, then it would use site structure to form the address. 

- Additionally this could be "site-wide updated" for export... as it is now, I have to change each and every link when handing over to client, from the test site links (hosted on temporary site).


Link Search Function

Also - a search function for entering page links on the link settings panel - type in a element's ID, and get a list of links to chose from, this would hugely speed up link creation. 

Image - Webflow idea 2


Above could also be used on Link panel - Image Webflow idea 3

  • WrightDesigner
  • Aug 24 2019