Prerender localised (translated) pages for good SEO and quick-win translation support

A mature CMS needs i18n support. Webflow has indicated that this is complex to add.

Perhaps (for now) the truth is in the middle, where Webflow would offer a tighter integration with platforms such as Transifex, Bablic, LocalizeJS, etc.

We host our sites through Webflow, and have each site available in 5 languages. We use Transifex Live to translate our pages, and I then manually edit the sitemap.xml, e.g. for the Dutch version.

However, Google does not like to index dynamically rendered JS.

A friendly person at Transifex suggested that I pre-render pages. However, I cannot install this on Webflow.


So, I've attached a mockup of how this could look on Webflow.

Basically: I let Webflow know that I've done the work and have translated the site (in my case, in Transifex). Webflow then crawls/pre-renders all pages for all translations I've done, and adds them to sitemap.xml, so that Google will index the pre-renderes version of my translated pages. Done.

  • Nathan Skwortsow
  • Aug 27 2019
  • and 2 more