SEO - Add "site name" as global field for titles ==> page name | {{site name}}

See the screenshot.



- Site name: Joe Doe Sport Store.

- Site with 50 static pages 


Title structure:

- About us | John Doe Sport Store

- Our team | John Doe Sport Store

- page name | sitename


Now if I want to change all of my titles to (add "best"):

- About us | John Doe Best Sport Store

- Our team | John Doe Best Sport Store


The mission is Very LOOOOONG: I need to open the setting of 50 pages ==> 50 paste --> 50 saves (TIDY!!) (Over 200 clicks)


Change `site name` to: `Joe Doe Sports Store` one time under setting --> "BOOM" update 50 pages :)


- This feature available on WordPress for example

  • Ezra Siton
  • Sep 3 2019
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    19 Sep 07:14

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  • Epiclive Rocky commented
    05 Sep 17:55

    I have a website on vola sports where i discuss about the sporting events, can i use the title structure and 50 static pages as explained in the post above? thanks in advance.

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