Visual Button and Page linking like Adobe XD


So earlier i was thinking about Adobe XD and how it is used as a concept tool for designing websites and apps that work with clickable objects. Now it wouldn't be too hard for Adobe to turn those links into real working live code just like Webflow does when you place a container or a div box.

Webflow already allows you to link any button or object to a page/url. But taking Adobe's take on the visual effects of this linking, it would be good to integrate this into the Webflow platform.

So when you are on the Editor, you'd have your work space where you could see all your pages laid out just like XD with visual links from each button/object to each other page. Be able to click on one of the pages and for it to enlarge to your full work space size so you can then edit in depth to the page.

Just little idea, to make things more visual, easier websites :)

  • James Moss
  • Sep 4 2019