Be able to re-define a text style to headings.

Like in 'adobe indesign' for instance you can redefine a style and then it changes that paragraph style across the board. It would be cool if you could choose any text element and then right click and redefine the style to all H2. (so all H2 change to that style)

I often find myself to save time with the initial design to use plain text blocks and then having to go back and based on my design decide if I want a particular text element to be the H1 style and so on.

Not sure if anyone else has come across this but can be time consuming to restyle everything and keep clicking between the 2 to make the changes.

Admin Note:

This capability to style all base elements is available under Global styles for headings, paragraphs, links and additional base HTML elements as shown in this tutorial.

  • Matt Neve
  • Sep 16 2019
  • Already exists
  • Matt Neve commented
    25 Jun, 2021 08:34am

    Hi thanks for getting back, I'm not quite sure the tutorial is what I was referring to, but I can see from a practical sense it would be hard to physically change a plain text block to the 'H1 type' as well as style(which I know is possible. I realise best practice would be to take more time at the start. The freedom Webflow gives in designing on the page means I just never know what I'm going with until I've got a little down the road. Thanks