Hosting on Dedicated Server

Any chance of offering hosting on dedicated servers to improve website load times?

Tests by my SEO specialist (who copied my site to a dedicated server) showed that I could shave 2s off my page load times by a) moving from a shared to a dedicated server, and b) moving Webflow's built in JavaScript to load at the end of my pages (file example is 201.4 KiB

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  • Axel Sturmann
  • Oct 8 2019
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  • Lindsay Germain commented
    2 Mar, 2021 09:45pm

    Hugely agree, would love to see this

  • Frederick Aron commented
    23 Jun, 2020 06:15pm

    what you is absolutely correct i am seo gey i know hosting on dedicted server can improve the site loading speed and site needs it.

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