404 Error Page Reporting/Log

It would be great if Webflow was to have a built-in tool to check for broken links or system log these items somewhere in the settings section of a project to help us identify these types of issues. 


Basic functionality of such feature

  • Detect 404 pages and log in project settings dashboard
  • Ability to add a redirect to affected URL from report page
  • Export error report or send via email to an administrator


Great For

  • Migrating over to Webflow and discovering broken links
  • Ongoing maintenance of pages and content
  • Maintain great user experience 
  • Healthy site for SEO 
  • Allan Zuniga
  • Oct 14 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Puma Browser commented
    15 Dec, 2021 02:37pm

    +1 on this 🧑🏻‍💻

  • Andrey Taganskiy commented
    9 Sep, 2020 07:13am

    Yeah, we need it as well! Without it, we have no way to see the broken links :(

  • Peter Amesbury commented
    19 Jul, 2020 11:48am

    This should toatlly be a thing!

  • +8