Increase CMS item limit

10,000 items may sound a lot, but it’s extremely limiting even for small/medium blogs with many contributors, especially if you want to implement custom tags. As it is now, no blog/news site will be able to handle more than a few years of article creations before being forced off Webflow.

  • Erik Fossum
  • Nov 8 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Ricky commented
    11 Aug 01:15pm

    Webflow - what is the outcome of this now that is was "Reviewed". If it's not on the cards it would be good to know so developers can make decisions on their tech stack.

  • Paul Conte commented
    2 Aug 07:59pm

    I’ve been a customer since 2015 so naturally I’m a huge fan of Webflow. I check this wishlist post once a week hoping you have implemented this so I don’t have to move all my hosted cms sites somewhere else. I’m sure thousands of other people feel the pain with this too and until this is fixed this will be the single biggest limitation of Webflow.

  • Ricky commented
    2 Jul 06:57am

    Hope this is going to be added to the platform soon now that it has been reviewed?

  • Ishaan Bhola commented
    18 Jun 04:34am

    This is very critical and having just 10k limit for cms items is very limiting and we have hit this glass ceiling just after 2 months of webflow using.

    I really really like webflow, but this limit came like an unexpected unpleasant surprise.

    This should be on pay as you go model. Guys, please do something about this.

  • Jacob Binnie commented
    4 Jun 12:22am

    This is a MUST. Any update on this Webflow?

  • Antonio Guedes commented
    28 May 09:54am

    It makes no sense to have this limit.

  • Rubén Alejos Dasilva commented
    14 May 03:13pm

    Super frustrating, especially when trying to setup Why, Webflow? WHY!?

  • OM オンラインメディア事業部 commented
    12 May 04:08am

    I wonder why Webflow team does not bring this limitation issue to priority. I really wish they increase the limitation in any way possible.

  • Chaz Wilcoxen commented
    20 Mar 04:33pm

    Interestingly one of the first prospects we've dealt with that has a large archive is already above the 10k limit.

    I'd love to see this limit increased if at all possible! Thank you!

  • Michael commented
    27 Feb 11:12am

    This item limit is so frustrating. I don't want to use Wordpress and its multitude of plugins and security issues. I am set on Webflow being the platform I use into the future. But, I want to start a magazine website and if I will have to start deleting old posts in the future to make room for new ones, it's not going to work. For now I will need to use Wordpress and hope that Webflow reverses the decision to limit posts, which makes no business sense.

  • Sylvain commented
    17 Feb 01:38pm

    Please make it possible to increase the number of CMS items. I just built an entire product with webflow and now realizing that I can only keep it for 1 year :(

    I'm of course ready to pay for the additional items.

  • João Ramos commented
    16 Feb 01:19am

    I am going to leave webflow just for that.

  • HYPE Studio commented
    15 Feb 06:10pm

    It comes to my concern as a client would like to explore a site revamp from Wordpress to Webflow. It has 8XXX posts now, and it is reasonable to expect the 10000 limit will soon become a concern.

    I think it will be reasonable if there is an option to pay for an unlock, but there is no now.

  • Lana Designers commented
    27 Dec, 2020 12:25pm

    +1 to the comments

  • Tomás González commented
    16 Nov, 2020 10:19pm

    2000 items on a CMS is not enough and jumping from 16 to 39 usd is a lot! maybe there could be aan extra payment for extending item limit

  • James McElhinney commented
    6 Nov, 2020 04:04am

    Surely, there is a case-by-case (pay extra $) option for this? Have a website migration that has ~2k cms items before ewe've even launched

  • Othon Nin commented
    28 Oct, 2020 05:09pm

    That would be awesome. I really need that, otherwise I will have to stop using webflow.

  • Katie Davies commented
    7 Oct, 2020 08:02pm

    It's such a shame, I love working in Webflow, my clients love the platform as well. But this limit has become a problem now, disappointing, may even need to bring in a developer on this project now. Need to look elsewhere. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Sara Steinle commented
    11 Sep, 2020 08:45pm

    (Regarding my previous comment, I figured out I can use multiple collection lists and use Limit to 100 to show more than 100. Whew.)

  • Sara Steinle commented
    11 Sep, 2020 08:41pm

    Really need all my member logos to show up on my page! Currently there are 122 and growing, but only the first 100 show up!

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