Increase CMS item limit

10,000 items may sound a lot, but it’s extremely limiting even for small/medium blogs with many contributors, especially if you want to implement custom tags. As it is now, no blog/news site will be able to handle more than a few years of article creations before being forced off Webflow.

  • Erik Fossum
  • Nov 8 2019
  • Sara Steinle commented
    11 Sep 20:45

    (Regarding my previous comment, I figured out I can use multiple collection lists and use Limit to 100 to show more than 100. Whew.)

  • Sara Steinle commented
    11 Sep 20:41

    Really need all my member logos to show up on my page! Currently there are 122 and growing, but only the first 100 show up!

  • Adnan Abbasi commented
    26 Jun 11:15

    This is a must need, there should be no limit on number of items

  • Dean Arnold commented
    12 Jun 08:31

    For sure... Very limiting... In my case I want to add a list of suburbs to one collection so I can link them to another (main) collection

  • Jeff Strang commented
    04 Jun 03:38

    Yes please. It's probably the last roadblock Webflow faces on the road to global domination. Seriously though, there's a lot on emphasis on consumer-level upgrades when this issue prevents Webflow's progression to the major league.

  • Hürkan Gökkaya commented
    05 Apr 16:36

    For news sites or blogs , 10000 items are not enough.

    For a single post, sometimes we choose 5 tags?!

  • Sean Bernardino commented
    02 Apr 17:27

    Is there still a 10,000 limit on this? For some reason I was under the impression that the limit was not specified (and hence unlimited).

  • Tobias Steffen commented
    08 Jan 10:41

    [VOTED +3] This sounds to costumers like an expiry date for their website. 

    "Yeah sure we will do this website for you. Please note, if you migrate your exiting articles and  keep publishing like you do at the moment, your running out of capacity in around 3 years. ...Wanna sign this contract?"




    10.000 Items sounds a lot. Definitely. But without this limitation i think it will be a huge opportunity for creating bigger webapps or directories and making Webflow gradually become a killer-platfform. Or even like Haram said, big Shops.


    But please look at this psychological aspect. Even if they'r good to go for years, the angst is real.


    1. A lacking feature

    YOU: "This little neat feature is currently not released"

    CLIENT: "okay, no problem. We'll wait. :)"


    2. Hard Limit

    YOU. "Theres a limitation in the number of Items, but this will be solved somewhere in the future"

    CLIENT:" Okay, wait. If this limitation will not be lifted in time, i need to get rid of my content creators?"


    I hope you get my point here:D



  • Hiram commented
    November 08, 2019 17:06

    +3 on this. When this feature becomes unlimited, I think we'll see a handful of stores migrate from Shopify (which does allow unlimited items) to Webflow.

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