Allow videos to loop, autoplay, and hide player ui.

Allowing videos to loop and autoplay highlights content in a way that feels much less messy than having a Vimeo or Youtube module just plopped in middle the of the page.

This is something I was able to do with Semplice, and it was very convenient, especially since it allowed videos to be uploaded to the CMS the same way images were — without using third party's links.

The style panel could be more robust with handling videos, and allow video attributes like autoplay, control visibility, and loop to be turned on or off. Anybody incorporating video content would benefit from showcasing videos in a clean and premium way that felt less intrusive than having a third party media player. As a videographer, it's very valuable to showcase video content — things such as sizzle reels — in an elevated way. 

  • Alex Braica
  • Nov 11 2019
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