Client Billing tax invoices


Currently when client billing is used, an invoice is generated. However, this invoice is "from Webflow to the client", it includes the Webflow platform and CC processing fees.

The problem is that I, as a freelancer, need to declare my income but the tax ministry only looks at the invoices I declare. Therefore they will see me charging the client for the full amount of profit + platform + cc fees, although my bank statement only shows the profit, they only look at the invoices.

Therefore, there are two possible solutions:

1) Two invoices, The same as the current one, from me to the client and one from Webflow to me (the freelancer) showing that I paid the platform and cc fees. That way I can declare those fees and get back the taxes.

2) The same way there's the itemized and combined invoice we could have a third invoice type that is from me to the client, but it only has the profit and no platform or cc fees, then I can declare that for taxes as it only shows the profits I made.

I think the option 1. seems more legally valid as it properly shows that I get the full amount and then pay the platform fees myself, but I'm not a lawyer/accountant.



  • Ville Lahdenvuo
  • Nov 12 2019
  • +2