Master Template

So guys lets get this one going, the guys at Webflow think this is an awesome feature also after I suggested this and they asked me to put this out to the community here to see what you guys think. So my suggestion is to have a master template that is rich in all the features currently being exposed in the Webflow university. features such as the interactions, on scroll affects etc. this way there will be a rich starting point whereby the designer can choose to keep or discard the features that after all make Webflow unique. 

You see a lot of the templates in Webflow while good on design offer limited amounts of the features that makes Webflow an outstanding platform. Wouldn't it be great to have a go to website template with an abundance of interactions that Webflow is capable of providing to be able to utilise without resorting to going through a learning curve. 

I have also suggested that some of the features on the Webflow site itself be in this master template, such as their very nice drop down top navigation menu and the scroll affects on the designer page. As a designer I know I can create the design I want from almost any template if to use as a starting point. What would make the suggested template highly valuable for me and other designers I feel, is that the interactions and usability once present and extensive initially would add so much to what I think most users of Webflow are striving for, which is delivering a rich and engaging user experience leveraging all that is achievable through the Webflow platform. However at the moment I see this is not being utilised specifically in the template arena to it full potential. 

  • Mike Kenneally
  • Nov 26 2019
  • Reviewed
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