🔍 Quick-Find for Symbols, Assets, Pages...

👉 TL;DR: See the attachment for an animated mock-up 👀

In larger sites, it's tedious to find a specific symbol, asset, page, or collection.

Proposal: A "Quick Find" bar that instantly searches these items and allows you to:


- Click/Drag symbols to add to the current page

- Click/Drag assets to add to the current page

- Instantly navigate to a static page/collection page

- Instantly navigate to an existing collection

- ...any other common operations


This pattern is becoming common in many other powerful tools/editors out there; sometimes it's called a "command palette" or a "fuzzy finder".

  • Louis Acresti
  • Jan 24 2017
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  • Aaron commented
    21 Sep, 2021 01:25pm

    Yes please. Every day I have to scroll thru pages to make links is an extension to my therapy bill.

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