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Support For Large Screen Tablets Merged

Please add support for larger screen tablets at least such as the iPad Pro as it’s very frustrating having to pull out my bulky laptop to make a single change publish it when I’m on the go. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could just grab my iPad go to an app off the AppStore change the color of something post it and be done in 30 seconds, instead of booting up that laptop that no one wants to carry around, waiting for it to load, connecting it to your phone for internet and then login to your account here we are 15 minutes later for 1 simple change that could have been done before I even got the laptop out of my case. I see this is something that’s been requested for a few years now and I think you guys really need to look into it, expand your horizon and listen to your customers a little more.

  • Andrew Downs
  • Dec 1 2019