Option for order numbers sequential

At the moment the ecommerce order numbers are random and include numbers and text. Which is hard for admin to use and for shipping companies. 

Order numbers being sequential would solve this issue, making things a little more simple in the office. 

  • Mark Woodcock
  • Dec 6 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Adam Williams commented
    14 Sep 11:28pm

    Webflow please allow us to generate our own order numbers! Thank you!

  • Amilkar Mendizabal commented
    17 Mar 08:15pm

    basic stuff, impressed that 2023 still same problem

  • Drains to Ocean commented
    6 Dec, 2022 03:40pm

    Everyone praises Webflow, I have not been impressed one bit as of yet. My order numbers are scrambled from one order to the next. My orders show random strange taxes.

  • Samuel Pawlak commented
    21 Jun, 2022 01:56pm

    This is a must have!

  • Carmen Stewart commented
    2 Nov, 2021 11:21pm

    After switching from Shopify to Webflow ecommerce I'm really disappointed that something as simple as designating a starting order number to enable continuity for my business isn't provided by Webflow.

    C'mon guys - that's pretty basic stuff if you're expecting people to switch to your platform!

  • Kevin Holland commented
    19 Nov, 2020 06:01pm

    Working on learning more about this myself. Not much to go on so far :(

  • Tamar Pinder commented
    15 May, 2020 01:36am

    My exact issue; an existing business with an already Order Number system in place. It would be great if I could've start webflow ecommerce order numbers at my last order.

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