Vipps payment option

API documentation

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  • Dec 10 2019
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  • Bernt Roalkvam commented
    3 Nov, 2023 02:47pm

    This functionality is now available through Vippsflow. Simply click and connect, no coding is required.

  • Bernt Roalkvam commented
    15 Aug, 2023 07:54am

    We are working on a solution that adds more functionality to Webflow eccomerce, google Vippsflow to learn more and apply for early access.

  • Maja Nikolovska commented
    12 Mar, 2023 11:08am

    Did any of you find a solution to integrate vipps?

  • Bernt Roalkvam commented
    8 Mar, 2023 01:14pm

    People in need of this integration, do you have a shop and manage your products in Webflow today? Or do you use any other tools?

  • Kenan Buhic commented
    30 Jan, 2023 11:10am

    Need this. Yesterday.

  • Rjukan Events commented
    10 Jan, 2023 06:24pm

    Make it happen

  • Jonas Lund commented
    24 Oct, 2022 11:03am

    In Norway you need to have this. Make it happen!

  • Aasen commented
    7 Jun, 2022 09:23am

    Lets make this happen!

  • Marie Husøy commented
    30 Jan, 2021 04:16pm

    Is this available yet?? Please

  • Eirik Urdal commented
    28 May, 2020 08:25pm

    This would make Webflow even more applicable in Norway as it is a preferred, quick, easy and secure payment option in norwegian webshops.

  • Leonore Olsen commented
    19 May, 2020 01:17pm

    Yes please. ASAP.

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