Manual Ecommerce Orders

I send quite a few samples to influencers and reviewers. I use Shopify to place a manual "draft" order where I discount it 100% and apply free shipping, then either input their shipping details or send it via email to them to complete the order. Without this functionality, Webflow Ecommerce is a non-starter for me right now.



• The ability to place manual orders with custom discounts and free shipping

• The ability to send said order to a customer to complete

  • Patrick Greenwood
  • Dec 12 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Ivan Sunguroff commented
    19 Mar, 2023 06:47am

    Please. Please lord. Need this. Also, let us create orders using Zapier :)

  • Latitude 50 commented
    28 Jul, 2022 07:58pm


  • Martin Reboux commented
    19 Jan, 2020 01:04pm


    I would use that kind of system to make my resellers start order for their client and then prompt then to pay for it later.

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