Branding Guide built into Designer Interface

Branding Guide (not to be confused with style guide)


Similar to 'Ecommerce' or 'CMS' panels on webflow, a Branbding Guide Panel.

  • Company Logo Branding Library
  • Product Logo Branding Library
  • Branding Color(s) Library
  • Universal Style Guide Editor
    • Headers
    • Text
    • Fonts
    • etc.

Append Designer Elements Panel with 'Branding Elements'

  • Branding Images
  • Branding CSS
  • Miek Thompson
  • Dec 13 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Guest commented
    25 Dec, 2020 09:54am

    I have done all of the above using a different product. (Except for the css part).
    One click Brand change (Includes: Logos, Fonts, Colors and Smartfields).

    I will see how far I can push similar in Webflow.

    Do you know if there is a set rules for markup classes that are common to Webflow and Template creators? I have been looking and cannot seem to find anything definitive....