How Can iCloud users change their login password?

Are you willing to change your iCloud password? If so, then stick here to learn the way to process it. iCloud user very often look forward to change their password due to many different account security reasons. Meanwhile, timely password change is also advisable by some experts for reassuring account and data safety. Further, go through the information provided below explain the steps to the to process iCloud change password on your device:

  • First of all unlock your device and then go to the settings
  • Provide your name to enter the settings and then choose Password and Security option there
  • Then navigate towards Change Password option from the Password and Security page
  • Click Change Password option and then enter your current iCloud password
  • You can also provide device code to proceed towards password change
  • You will get the option to finally change iCloud password on the next window
  • Write down a unique password for iCloud in the given box to replace the existing one
  • Enter same password once more and then click change password to save it

This is the way to change iCloud password. However, iCloud users who are unable to change password themselves can get in touch with the customer care team of Apple and get support regarding password change from them.

  • James Taylor
  • Dec 16 2019