Unlimited pages plan


I actually have several clients and they sometimes have a big load of pages to be built, I would like to have a "unlimited pages" plan then I would be able to serve my clients demands.

  • Aleff Souza
  • Dec 27 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Eugen Andres commented
    20 Feb, 2023 01:03pm

    I also need more than 100 static pages

  • Mario P. commented
    6 Aug, 2021 01:28am

    Yes! unlimited static pages. This will alleviate all the other forum requests to increase the static page limits.

  • Aleff Souza commented
    27 Dec, 2019 12:29pm

    I have been told by the support that at the moment the static page limit is 100 pages, when the site pages go over 100 the designer performance will start to degrade.

    I opened this request to hear if other people from the community would also like to do the same, then hopefully it will be worth to work around that performance issue.

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