Create a Theme

There is no way to easily build an theme it will be really great to have option to create Theme easily with some help.

Admin Note:
Currently it's possible to build out a site in Webflow and duplicate the project as you start new builds, effectively operating as a theme for your Webflow site builds.

  • Kamran Imtiaz
  • Jan 3 2020
  • Already exists
  • Santos Marli commented
    8 Jun, 2020 09:03pm

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  • Grayson Pineda commented
    8 Jan, 2020 01:12pm

    A feature that I really liked in Squarespace, was the custom CSS/LESS box. You can use all the power of LESS (variables, nesting, etc) — or just plain CSS, and the changes to the style are immediately visible in the editor. Like Webflow, they don't execute custom code in the editor (for obvious reasons), but they do apply your custom styles.

    I think this is a relatively simple to add, backwards compatible feature (<style> blocks in the custom code will of course still work), that will make the Webflow platform so much more powerful. As a first implementation, it can simply be put next to the Custom Code box. But even better would be integrating it in the Designer: this way, you don't have to switch back and forth all the time, and can see the effect of your changes without having to publish. You retain the ease of use of the Designer, while not putting coders at a disadvantage. 

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