Client billing overview

It would be great and a huuuuge time saver for small design agencies to have the ability to view all Client billings that has been done in a order of All, specific month. Right now we have to enter each client and go to their billing history, and download each of them. I had a client who stopped their subscription, and when there's no active subscription, I cannot any longer see their billing history, super annoying when you have to file tax in EU. This means that I have to go back through emails, where I also cannot see what my cut of the subscription was.

We need one central place where you can see all previous billed customers, even if they're not active any longer. Right now it has been manageable because I only have a few customers, but I imagine this in a year, and if there's no option to see these, it will be too much trouble for me to handle.

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  • Jan 4 2020
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