Ecommerce - Attach File (Upload Option) with Orders which require images.

Having the option for a file upload (images, logos, etc.) would be extremely helpful for orders which requires an image. An example would be custom t-shirts websites. I'm currently working on a bakery website in which they handle custom logo cookies / cupcakes and having clients send separate email for their logos has become a major issue since you can't really do an actual order due to this. Shopify, Woocommerce all have this feature (extra cost) however I'm willing to pay the cost for this necessary feature. Thank you.

  • Pete Alexander
  • Jan 9 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Scott commented
    11 Aug, 2023 12:47pm

    Can't believe it's been so long and they haven't got it sorted yet, it's only one of many limitations I have run into since starting down the Webflow road, looks like it's back to Wordpress for this project.

  • Yar Al Roshidi commented
    27 Nov, 2021 02:41pm

    Any updates on this one?

  • Eli K. commented
    23 Nov, 2021 07:26am

    Definitely needed feature, c'mon webflow team

  • Ionut Alexandroaia commented
    22 Jul, 2021 03:30pm

    Such a disadvantage for ecommerce users... I love webflow but they really need to step-up their ecommerce game

  • Aidan Marshall commented
    14 Jul, 2021 02:59pm


  • Mitch McQuinn commented
    31 Jan, 2021 01:41am


  • Colton Bowshier commented
    13 Jan, 2021 10:30pm

    This is a huge must have for anyone to switch over from Shopify

  • Christopher Francis commented
    20 Nov, 2020 04:13pm

    side of things? Like... what? Why? This seems like a terrible oversight that is about to give me a huge headache. Even if I have to pay for more, the option would be bloody nice.

  • Daren commented
    12 Jul, 2020 03:51pm

    Could we please have file upload for ecommerce. Something as basic as this should have been built into the ecommerce hosting platform as part of having this in the order confirmation and check out options. Why hasn't this happened already. Could this a gross oversight? It is a necessity. Please explain. Thanks

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