ID Styling - Span Element - Class Orginaizer

1#  I am working on a very large project and I am using web flow for the layout, 3 key things for me that would help as a developer is ID being able to concat id and class is a must even adding style to the id, currently I have then concat and style in the head part but will have to move them to the style sheet on the live site. 

2# Span element where you select header section I use spans a lot when using different pipelines that require or make it a lot easier to simplify.


3# As I stated in the first one I am working on a very large project that is using multiple frame works it would be nice to be able to re organize the style elements because the styles create based  on when you created so sometime you could have 5 elements you add after the fact and they will be scattered throughout the css file. grouping is important.


  • TJ
  • Jan 18 2020
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  • Josh Corbett commented
    28 Jan, 2020 05:10am

    This is an absolute must!

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