New Element: Dynamic CMS Nested Nav that can be indexed in designer but static when published

So far the most jarring limitations of the CMS is not being able to nest collections for the purpose of creating dynamic navigation structures. I get the 20 collection limit for performance reasons, which is why I think something like an indexable CMS link structure would be great, which could even be a new element.

It would show up as a symbol or something, and pulls dynamic link destinations and names from specified CMS sources, then you click "index", and it builds a static link structure for publish like a table of contents in any publishing software from the data points you target. That way dynamic lists for the purpose of navigation structures never count against page limit or cause server load, and can easily be dynamically updated if you change a CMS page link or name by simply re-indexing.


Seems like a quicker way to get CMS dynamically integrated into Nav structures without the performance issues.

  • Media for Minds
  • Jan 22 2020
  • Reviewed