Media Query Reset

Add media query reset for each screen size.


Had a website I was working on and accidentally changed some CSS on a mobile query. There is the orange/blue color indicator but the thing is, I had to spend time searching for the element that had the blue color. I would've saved quite a bit of time if there was a button to just reset the entire mobile media query back to inherent. Having coding experience, I had an idea of where the style was set but had I been a non-coder, I would've been extremely frustrated.


I also believe having a media query reset button will greatly benefit people who like to experiment. For example, they could try out many different layouts/designs for mobile and if they don't like it, could easily reset it back to desktop inherent. But with it is right now, if you were to experiment, you'd have to go through every element you changed and reset each individual style which is just a ton of wasted time.

  • Julian Fung
  • Jan 30 2020
  • Reviewed