Add search bar with auto focus in Add Elements panel

When I click "Add Elements" button, I find myself getting annoyed having to scroll and select the element each time. Instead, I wish I had a search bar that auto focused so I could just type the element that I want and, ideally, hit enter to add it to the page.

  • Collin Vine
  • Feb 2 2020
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    28 Jun, 2021 07:48pm

    Hey there!

    While there's no way to do this within the Add Elements panel, you can simply hit 'Command + K' on Mac or 'Alt + K on Windows' to access our Quick Find feature which will accomplish exactly what you're looking to do. Please check out our Quick Find tutorial on the Webflow University to learn more.

  • Ian Thompson commented
    5 Feb, 2020 10:15pm

    Isn’t that a command k job?