Allow linking to Relative Paths (for easy user nav to anchor IDs in Collection Lists)

Currently, in the CMS editor we cannot add relative paths to collection items. The link input field requires a FQDN (absolute URL).

Alternatively, from the Designer window, allow us to connect the dynamic "Get URL" to  a plain-text field held in the collection item.

  • Andrew Hunter
  • Feb 7 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Adam Murray commented
    24 Oct, 2022 03:49am

    Webflow can we get this simple Wishlist idea implemented please?

  • Jonathan Haring commented
    29 Jul, 2021 03:57am

    Would love this, and/OR for the ability to select from existing pages created in Webflow as an option in CMS URL fields (same as in the designer/editor for static links). Manually updating nav menus across the site is a pain for both me and clients, and trying to use the CMS as an easier tool for global nav management just isn't really feasible without this option.

  • HYPE Studio commented
    10 May, 2021 08:17am

    Yes, needed this.

    Allowing to add /xxxx will be a great help

  • Ignacio Gomez commented
    30 Apr, 2021 03:53pm

    Please webflow team do this. we really need it

  • Umberto Pandini commented
    6 May, 2020 12:28pm

    This is so critical to be implemented. I'm wondering why it is not at the top of the list

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