E-Commerce Plans: Adjust pricing to better match competition

I wish the e-commerce pricing could be adjusted a bit. My biggest concern is that WebFlow E-commerce does not yet have a POS option, yet their pricing is equal to (or in some cases greater than) competitors that do offer this important option.

I am specifically in need of a website that offers static pages, portfolio capabilities and e-commerce combined with a POS that syncs in-person sales with website sales. 12 months ago, there were no solid options that offered all of this. But recently, both Squarespace and Wix have added POS to their offerings. Even WooCommerce now has POS syncing through SquareUp.

WebFlow will soon offer a POS solution, which will make it a great solution for artists and designers that need to showcase their work in a portfolio, but also sell items both online and in-person. However, Wordpress + WooCommerce as well as SquareSpace and Wix still have WebFlow beat in pricing.

WebFlow’s intro e-commerce pricing of $29/month (paid annually) is not super crazy. But dang! I have to give them 2% of every sale on top of it? Combine that with Stripe’s 2.7-2.9% and we’re suddenly giving away nearly 5% of every sale with WebFlow. SquareSpace on the other hand is charging $26/month (annually) and you only pay the Stripe fee, plus you get way more features (POS, customer accounts, unbranded emails, etc). SquareSpace also offers an e-commerce plan with unlimited products for $18/month + 3% transaction fee. Wix offers all that at $23/month with no transaction fees. And of course the WordPress + WooCommerce can be even less, depending on your hosting.

Oh, and the other thing … SquareSpace, WIX and WooCommerce all sync up with order fulfillment companies like Printful.com so I can sell art + design related goods such as shirts and posters with zero investment in inventory while I sleep, which is a great way to make money.

My suggestion would be for WebFlow to consider a plan that at least equals what SquareSpace is offering ($26/month with no transaction fees beyond the merchant fees), and then offer a lower level plan, say $18/month with a limited number of products and the additional 2% transaction fee.

I like the WebFlow platform. I like where their e-commerce roadmap is heading. If they adjusted the pricing just slightly and got the POS in place, they would blow everyone else out of the water for the much-in-demand artist-and-maker market that needs to showcase their portfolios while also selling online and in-person at craft shows and events.

  • Justin Beckman
  • Feb 10 2020