Use single-use license in a cloned project for testing purposes

I recently realized, that it is not possible to clone a project, which uses a single-use license template. One has to buy a second license in order be allowed to clone the project.

Since I design projects on a customer base, I often have to teach my clients how to handle their project in webflow once I am done. So they need a cloned project to be able to test things before they do it on the live project. So in case they break something in the test project, it simply does not affect the live project.

Therefore it would be smart to be able to hide the test project in the web, e.g. as a password protected area, so that only the logged in user who wants to test can see what happens online.

The essence is:

- get the possibility to use a license for testing purposes (or create some kind of "extended license")

- hide the test project so that only one project is visible online

Thanks in advance!

Admin Note:
Currently it's possible to duplicate single-use license projects of Webflow sites for the same project without being charged again. However an additional license would be required to be purchased for new sites. It's unlikely that we'll build out a additional staging set for single-use license templates.

  • Dorothea Engelmann
  • Feb 14 2020