Ability to custom brand files and code before exporting

I would like to have the possibility when exporting, full "clean-whitelable-code", so I could give the css and js the name I want, for example:

  • Get rid of the code line number 2 <!-- This site was created in Webflow. http://www.webflow.com -->
  • insted of webflow.js --> johndoe.js,
  • instead of webflow.css --> style.css or johndoe.css
  • insted of xxxxx.webflow.css --> xxxxx.css
  • Automatic custom agency logo favincon

In order to solve that, it would be great to add an option to customized the exported "files/code" before webflow standard naming, to have custom file names. A good place would be in the user setting (for general branding), or a custom customer project file naming, in the site settings.

That would save us a lot of time.

Best regards,


  • Pablo
  • Jan 26 2017
  • Micheal Reno commented
    16 Aug, 2018 03:56am

    You can do this automatically now with jinglebell.io ! It automatically renames or deletes all references to Webflow.

  • Daniel Golden commented
    24 Jan, 2018 02:40pm

    Also removing the "w-" prefix from class names.

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