Setting Up Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Framework with Webflow Site.

It is clear that majority of traffic websites receive come from mobile. According to Neil Patel, an SEO Digital Marketer, 58% of Google searches now happen on mobile. Websites today are not simply about great design, rather, it is about how much traffic that site is able to generate. The main reason why businesses want a website is because they feel that is is a great way for them to maximize online traffic, which could ultimately maximize profit.  

Of course there are ways to optimize your content for mobile without the Google AMP Framework, for example, by reducing the amount and size of assets on mobile view-ports, taking a mobile-first approach during design, and implementing on-page SEO. Webflow also provides ways to enhance site performance with CDNs and Code Minification. However, Google's AMP Framework actually helps ensure that your site is mobile friendly for users, without any guessing work, according to specific details Google finds to be of best practice. This is important because we want our, and our clients' websites in mobile viewports to be completely optimized for Google's search engine.

Furthermore, Google has a mobile-first index for crawling websites on the web. The mobile-first index is a ranking system that looks at the mobile version of a page to evaluate its relevance to the user. Google also showcases websites on its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) that are AMP friendly. Obviously there are many ranking factors that come into play when Google determines how your site should be ranked on its SERP, however, the simple fact that most conversions happen on mobile, (whether that be a successful transaction on a client's e-comers site, or a sign up for a blogger's site), giving users the chance to optimize their site through Google's AMP framework gives us an even greater edge for Google rankings.

Wordpress already has easy implementation of this, but I would love to see this in Webflow. Webflow has already made it super simple to setup Google Analytics with a Webflow site. Let's keep going and help develop Webflow to be a platform that's not only great for amazing web design, but also for Google Search Optimization, which in turn would be great for more conversions, and ultimately more profit.



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  • Luqman Shah
  • Feb 27 2020
  • Romantic Marketing commented
    19 Nov 04:08pm

    Any news on this?

    Currently testing things out with the Free Webflow account. Thinking about moving from WP altogether for us and our clients.

    This would make that decision easier.

  • Florin Kis commented
    24 Aug 10:35pm

    Still waiting for this....

  • Nique commented
    27 Jul 04:07pm

    Any update on a timeline for when this might come in please?

  • Michelle Hansen commented
    22 Jun 01:36am

    100% Luqman. Couldn't agree more. I am optimizing my Webflow site for search now. so far as to design distinct experiences for mobile. Webflow has some great tools, but I would love Webflow to keep a keen focus on Google Search Optimization, because ranking and conversions are important.

  • Amanda Van kuppevelt commented
    28 May 07:01pm

    do you know if there are any updates on this? I see requests back to 2016 for AMP. We’re getting more requests and would love to add this to our client sites!

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