Integration with cloudflare's proxy

I have multiple clients that I've migrated over to webflow from wordpress or squarespace. All have many platforms used to make their app function: Shopify, BigCommerce or custom SaaS. I put webflow on 'www' subdomain and run their apps on naked. Some have other subdomains as well. These companies have links all over the place and I consolidate redirects in cloudflare.

Additionally I'll run promos to the same vanity url. Ie: we're selling a premium seasonal box: "htttp://"

During the period of selling this box I'll redirect traffic in the following manner:

  1. Before the sale -> '/2020-april-shower/waiting' - a countdown timer until the launch date

  2. During the sale -> '/2020-april-shower/open' - sales page

  3. After the sale -> '/2020-april-shower/last-chance' - a last chance offer for anyone who still clicks on the original vanity link

  4. Once stock is low or out -> '/another-link' - redirect to the homepage, non sale offer of the item or something else.

For this above example I need to use 302's and not 301s (only redirect option from webflow). Additionally I'd rather not give everyone on the team access to webflow.

Every 90 days I get a 525 SSL handshake failed error from cloudflare to webflow. As I understand it, this is due to the plan webflow has with Let's Encrypt for issuing certificates. If there is no permanent solution for this, could we get a "renew cert" button that would cause the SSL error but it would be controlled and I could fix it immediately. Adding 302s in webflow is not a solution I desire - webflow is a great page building platform, stick with what it does best and let cloudflare handle the redirects.

  • Brian Thomas
  • Mar 6 2020
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  • Alex Bass commented
    24 Dec, 2023 11:25pm

    Struggling here with the same, why is this being completely ignored, as if Cloudflare isn't the largest provider in the world? Webflow wants us to pay them $60k/yr for Enterprise in order to use a free (or $20/mo) Cloudflare account to speed up the site?
    Please team, do something about this. Contemplating leaving Webflow solely over this, have otherwise been a relatively happy customer of 3+ years.

  • Jeff Strang commented
    8 Aug, 2023 09:54am

    I second this. Putting simple custom SSL certs under unachievable Enterprise account status is unrealistic.

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