Single Reference Item Select and Multi Reference Item Select for Forms

I would love to see a new component for forms be launched that allows users to "select" one or many items from a Webflow Collection List.

I have further wishes for this feature but just the basics would be more than good enough.

A use case for each:

A new user selects a location from a collection.

A new users selects multiple tags from a collection.

  • Connor Finlayson
  • Mar 11 2020
  • Sabina Snow commented
    17 Mar 08:00am

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  • R JEFFERY WILSON commented
    4 Aug, 2020 05:01pm

    I could really use this! I've racking my brain trying to hack a solution in the meantime. I was hoping for a NO CODE solution for my client, but I seem to be doing is writing code. Please make this happen @webflow.

  • Savannah Freeman commented
    29 Jul, 2020 02:42am

    Multi-reference items can be selected along with the single reference items. Such technical points should be dealt accordingly and I can easily visit to complete the task.Things are explained in a detailed manner on this blog page. Keep sharing more such pages like that.

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