Disable/Remove Ecommerce Functionality

Have the ability to remove/disable the ecommerce functionality on a project.

If you enable this to try it out, or download a template which has it enabled, there's currently no way to disable it. Especially frustrating if you have a client that is using the editor.

  • Alex Dixon
  • Mar 20 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Brandon Bennett commented
    30 Jun 06:00pm

    Has this been implemented yet? I have a partially created website and don't want to keep going if a workaround is going to be wonky

  • Sandro Hagen commented
    19 Jun 10:19pm

    please make this happen!

  • Robin Guldener commented
    16 Jun 12:46pm

    Very annoying, bought a template which has e-commerce elements and now I am stuck with pages that I cannot put back to draft and which show up in my sitemap.xml. I do not want Google to index these!

  • Pat Grady commented
    14 Jun 08:07pm

    Please add this... your workaround is terrible. At least let us remove the sitemap without forcing us to do a custom sitemap

  • Vernon Weaver commented
    31 May 12:53pm

    How is this not enabled? Wtf

  • Device Uptech commented
    28 May 08:15pm

    Hey, Webflow team, we beg you so much to allow users disabling Ecommerce Functionality.
    Cos it's a bummer.
    We, as many others in this thread, bought the template with ecommerce features enabled. And didn't see any warnings, and didn't realize ecomerce are hurting site performance, SEO ghost pages only after the launch and all work was done.
    The cross-site copy-paste is not working well, LOTS of styles, instances, links and interactions are breaking!!!
    This is a disaster!!! Literally weeks of works to rebuilt all properly from the new site....
    Terrible feature!!!

  • Gabriel Brattgård commented
    26 May 01:33pm

    It's nothing less than absurd that this isn't fixed efter so much attention in the forum for so long.

    How could you build an optional feature into the product without the possibility of reverting said feature back to the original state?

    It raises serious concers for me to develop on Webflow at all if this is the way the community response and feature implementation is handled. I can't see why this shouldn't be a top-priority fix.

  • Cormac Kerrigan commented
    24 May 07:09pm

    What he says 👇
    (Seriously Webflow, get this fixed. It's embarrassing...)

  • Richard James commented
    1 Apr 05:07am

    Same thing happened to us. We purchased a template that had e-commerce elements, but we only purchased the business hosting not the e-commerce hosting. It wasn't until we launched that we realized one cannot delete these collection pages.

    Yeah there is a workaround, but not if you have active hosting. It took us a bit of massaging to get our client to approve a Webflow move from WordPress, now we go back to them and say, "There's a glitch"? Not going to look good for Webflow that we recommended this and now we have to deactivate a website and spend a week copying and pasting elements and interactions into a new project, especially when we didn't activate the e-commerce, a template (with no warning this can happen) did that.

    I think people would be less annoyed about this if there was a big red warning on the template section not to buy an e-Commerce template if you do not intend to use e-commerce, because this is what will happen.

    Given that Webflow is competing for WP customers to make the switch to no-code and use Webflow over WP, we have to sell this to clients who request WP sites.

    We really liked developing on Webflow once we got used to it, however we just can't sell this to our client when something like this can happen. We cannot have any unnecessary downtime and our tech-team will not want to go through reconnecting the hosting etc. They will ask why we have to be down.

    The "just copy paste" a new project is only feasible on a small site, not one with 60 pages and custom interactions and large CMS... weeks of work to do this and then have to also be down for a day to reconnect on another project?

    It's only a user error when there are warnings about this being able to happen, which there are none in the template gallery, and we ordered 'Business' hosting not e-commerce, so not user error. Webflow glitch.

    Please fix this so we can have full confidence in recommending Webflow fully to our customers.

    The rest of the platform is awesome, and we're happy with the support!

  • Jackson commented
    10 Mar 09:42pm

    Thank you for contacting the GoCloud Service Desk on 11/03/2022 09:41.

    Your ticket has been logged with ID 0015144.

    Thank you.

    Support Team

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    10 Mar 09:37pm

    At this time, it isn't possible to remove Ecommerce from your Webflow project.

    But, if you aren't using Ecommerce, you can head on over to the hosting tab of your project and downgrade to CMS or Basic hosting if you like. A couple of things to keep in mind:

    • You won't be able to use white labeling with this project because of Ecommerce

    • You can only downgrade to Basic hosting if there are no CMS collections within the site

    If you need to have a project without Ecommerce, you can use cross-site copy and paste as well as the export and import feature of Webflow CMS to migrate your work to a new project without Ecommerce enabled.

  • Chesco Leveratto commented
    9 Mar 06:16am

    Ya'll need to chill out. Obviously making a complex system like webflow isn't as easy as turning an on/off button. Its obvious you don't know how code works. If you change one things it can dramatically break the rest of the system. It takes careful planning and time to figure out.

    I want this functionality as much as the next person, but some of ya'll be nasty and passive aggressive af in the comments for no reason. Find another system that offers all the things webflow does. I bet you can't.

    Much love to the webflow team. I know you can't always do everything at the time people ask for it. At the same time, it has been two years. An update on this would be nice. Much appreciated.

  • Julien Hasle commented
    1 Mar 10:20am

    PLEASE allow us to remove. This is messing with our SEO that we have these orphan pages now.

  • Ruthy Lichtenstein commented
    15 Feb 05:19pm

    This is ridicuouls - I'm now stuck with paying extra for something I don't need just because the template I was using had ecommerce elements...

    I discovered this now when the website is ready to launch.
    Speaking of a low blow... that was one

  • Mate Raspovic commented
    13 Feb 04:24pm

    Please let us remove it.

  • Julia Gall commented
    8 Feb 11:10pm

    PLEASE allow us to remove. This is messing with our SEO that we have these orphan pages now.

  • Kathryn commented
    7 Feb 12:27pm

    Thanks Darren Harroff, that code seems to be working perfectly for me so far. Much appreciated X

  • Rory commented
    1 Feb 01:27pm

    Used a e-commerce template for a regular CMS site, found out just before going live you can't brand the editor. 'Branding the Editor is not supported for Ecommerce sites. '

  • Studio Noue commented
    31 Jan 10:32am

    Is it a joke? How it's not possible to remove that? Can't believe that

  • Stephen Mathai-Davis commented
    20 Jan 03:03pm


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