Disable/Remove Ecommerce Functionality

Have the ability to remove/disable the ecommerce functionality on a project.

If you enable this to try it out, or download a template which has it enabled, there's currently no way to disable it. Especially frustrating if you have a client that is using the editor.

  • Alex Dixon
  • Mar 20 2020
  • Erik Richter commented
    16 Jun 05:11pm


  • Szymon Zurek commented
    15 Jun 02:15am

    Cmon, time to add this ye?

  • Javin Towers commented
    23 May 06:58pm

    Kinda ridiculous that we can't remove ecommerce... Having to add all of the pages to my Robot.txt sucks and its not a good solution for SEO. If only I could delete the pages. Oh wait 🧐 it's been over a year and we still can't do this simple task.

  • Reply Media commented
    11 May 09:03pm

    Please remove ecommerce functionality

  • Yogev Ariely commented
    9 May 09:04am

    Please allow to remove!

  • Joseph Amato commented
    4 May 03:31pm

    Can't you just go to Settings > Ecommerce > uncheck Enable checkout?

  • Stephen Andelo commented
    30 Apr 07:21am

    seriously need this for SEO purpose! thanks

  • Thomas Dejlig commented
    28 Apr 10:50am


  • Bruce Pawz commented
    27 Apr 09:08pm

    Would be very helpful

  • Liesl Chang commented
    23 Apr 02:33am

    Much needed

  • Ishu Mehta commented
    21 Apr 01:03am

    yes please

  • Matthew Ford commented
    20 Apr 03:18pm

    ran into this today, seems basic.

  • Eddie Mompoint commented
    18 Apr 12:53am

    This still hasn't been addressed?!

  • Cliona O Neill commented
    4 Apr 01:31pm

    Yes please! It only adds confusion for clients when I hand over sites

  • Dominik Żochowski commented
    28 Mar 07:38pm


  • Yar Roshidi commented
    28 Mar 05:53am


  • CreateTheWeb commented
    22 Mar 09:15am


  • Melanie Vollert commented
    14 Mar 05:46pm

    I agree! Voted.

  • Simon Singh commented
    10 Mar 11:07am


  • Lynn Gorski commented
    4 Mar 04:46pm

    Still hoping for a solution, to disable ecommerce pages. Thank you!

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