Add a Horizontal and Verticle Slider Option w/arrows and (Tablet + Phone) swipe functions to the LightBox.


We create a custom LightBox with a Slider, but, you Add the option to reset the Slider to Zero when closed.

Why? Let’s say, a Slider has 10 slides. Person clicks on Thumbnail 3, which opens Slide 3, and then, that person swipes to finally stop at Slide 7. They then close the Lightbox.   

Thumbnail 3 is clicked again. Instead, this time, the Slide now opens to Slide 7 because that was the last open slide for Thumbnail 3. Not good.

Solution: Option to reset Slide to Zero when Slide is closed, so Thumbnail 3 always shows its corresponding Slide 3.

  • Imran Haroon
  • Jan 27 2017
  • and 10 more