Ability to Lock Items to Prevent Removal by "Clean Up" Feature in Style Manager

I love the "Clean Up" feature in the Style Manager panel but, the way it works right now, this is a frustrating all-or-nothing proposition. Many of my projects include elements that are initiated or defined in a script that are dependent on styles I have defined in Designer. Currently, Designer treats those styles as if those elements don't exist at all and yet they are mission critical to the proper execution of the website at run-time.

I propose that, within the Style Manager panel UI, the user should be able to LOCK (and later unlock) any seemingly unassigned styles from being removed by the "Clean Up" feature. As it works now, I either proceed with the feature, heaving to manually fix everything that breaks EACH TIME, or worse yet, stop using the "Clean Up" feature altogether, which defeats the feature's purpose.

Once an item is locked, it should stay locked until the user expressly unlocks it. That way, in most projects, it can be a set it and forget it proposition and users can take full advantage of the otherwise great "Clean Up" feature.

Admin Note:
It's unlikely that we'll build functionality to detect if a class is being used in custom code. Instead we recommend building elements with the specific class names in use without custom code somewhere in your site (many people build within a symbol and then remove the symbol from the page after updating the element styles).

  • Robert Holtz
  • Mar 27 2020