Multiple auto-reply options for form submissions

Form functionality in Webflow is rudimentary, and my client had requested that a submission reply go to him, AND a different one go to the client.

When I realized that it wasn't possible to configure multiple replies to a form, I tried to configure the reply to be applicable to both, and set the "TO" field to the {{ email }} variable, so the auto-reply would go to my client (the Admin) AND the sender.

For some reason, I can't add a variable reply-to in the TO or CC option for this mail-out, rendering it impossible to notify the client by email that their email had been received and (where necessary) provide additional instructions for them to perform.

The only response I got back from Webflow would be to integrate Zapier into the workflow, but this is another paid option my client doesn't have the budget for.

Multiple-Submission Reply options would be a great feature (or at the very least the ability to add an arbitrary email variable to the TO: field), and I don't think it would be terribly difficult to implement this change.

Thanks for listening.

  • Dave Cruickshank
  • Mar 30 2020
  • Reviewed