Increase product variant limit from 50

I have a product with 3 option sets and 5 options each.

Basically this means I cannot sell this configurable product on webflow

I need more variants!

  • Apr 21 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Michael Greig Thomas commented
    12 Jan 07:29pm

    Please guys - we need this significantly increased.

  • Céline Raynaud commented
    15 Dec, 2023 03:51pm

    Clearly needed !!!

  • Kevin Larsen commented
    21 Aug, 2023 03:11pm

    This needs to be improved, or alternatively enable us to work around this with custom fields. Not every option needs to represent a change in price.

  • Hsu-Ben Wang commented
    10 Jul, 2023 01:55pm

    This is absolutely ridiculous. If you're going to calculatie variants in this weird manner at least give your users a base number of 1000 variants... 50 is just insulting to be honest.

    Webflow: Hi, here you have the perfect car! It does everything you and your client want and more!

    Me: Great! Does it have wheels?

    Webflow: Yes, it hase one wheel!

    Me: Can't i just get 4 wheels?

    Webflow: No.

  • Brad Pickett commented
    20 Jun, 2023 12:18am

    At least put it in your mid-tier e-comm plans - I'd pay more for this.

  • Brad Pickett commented
    20 Jun, 2023 12:17am

    Please please please Webflow. This would very appreciated - I can't sell properly.

  • Graphics commented
    20 Feb, 2023 09:16pm

    yes I need 1500 variants. This is not going to work.

  • Allen Hart commented
    14 Dec, 2022 04:40pm

    Honestly, as amazing as WebFlow is for basic websites, it's a horror story for real e-commerce applications. Truly a disappointment.

  • Latitude 50 commented
    28 Jul, 2022 07:54pm

    Frustrating! I have to recommend clients Shopify because of this.

  • Brian Nguyen commented
    9 Jun, 2022 02:22pm

    One of the most frustrating parts of Webflow Ecommerce

  • Valentin Pierrat commented
    24 Nov, 2021 05:55pm

    So frustrating!

  • Sachin Zade commented
    26 Aug, 2021 01:45pm

    Lots of limitations here and there. It's really frustrating.

  • Brad Cumbers commented
    9 Aug, 2021 12:25pm

    Just ran into this issue on my very first eCommerce project. Kids BJJ Belts, Colour, Size, instant fail. Cmon guys, this is not cheap software. 50 is ridiculous for paid CMS hosting.

  • Mehmet Akin commented
    12 Jul, 2021 06:46am

    50 is way to low to run a business. 50 is the bare minimum for ecommerce business.

  • Simon Ester commented
    31 May, 2021 08:34pm

    I had to turn down a 25k project because of that :/

  • Michael Gallagher commented
    10 May, 2021 02:05pm

    I completely agree! It’s very frustrating because if you have a few option sets (color, material, size) then you’re already so so limited. This is hands down the worst part about webflow.

  • Michiko A. commented
    13 Oct, 2020 07:22pm

    I agree. It's so hard to recommend Webflow to clients when the # of variants are so limited :( I hope they increase this soon!

  • Derek Rungsea commented
    7 Aug, 2020 05:59am

    Agree, I love webflow too but I'm not sure why so many of these features are so limited. Shopify and Squarespace for instance allow 100 variants per product. I'm not an experienced backend dev, but this definitely sounds like it doesn't take much to increase this.

  • Émile Perron commented
    26 Jul, 2020 02:21pm

    Agreed. The Webflow e-commerce system is incredibly impressive and powerful, but the limitation of 50 variants per product makes it unusable for almost every project I have encountered / had to develop.

    If this limit could be increased, with the Plus hosting plan maybe, this would make Webflow a lot more viable for e-commerce projects.

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