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Emmet Type Feature for Quick Find - Add a Class or ID with the Element Merged

Would be amazing and much faster if we had an emmet type feature for Quick Find which would speed up our workflow even more.

How it works:

You use quick find like normal to find the element you want to add. When you do, simply add a "." for className or "#" for ID after the element followed by a name of your choice.

Once you hit enter it adds that element with the class or ID name and you're ready to just start styling.

The white image below shows what it would look like typing it in Webflow's Quick Find.

The Gif shows how this works with code using Emmet. You can see how fast it is without having to type all that out. The concept would be the same in Webflow.

  • Noah Raskin
  • Apr 25 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Bruno Araujo commented
    4 Jun, 2020 01:26pm

    I think this is a great idea. I'm working at this essay typer. I' looking forward for more improvements.

  • Jack Barnett commented
    13 May, 2020 08:37am

    This would be excellent, it has my vote. I quite often stop thinking and start typing the class in the quick find.

  • +5