An Adobe CC/Salesforce-esque Licensed Application

There were similar requests posted on the ‘Wishlist’ but I just had to express my hope and concern. 


I’m looking for a long-term fault-tolerant solution for web design and development.  There’s no backup environment to ensure my company and that of my client’s web presence can continue with minimal disruption if Webflow was to sell the company, close the business, or even if the platform is inaccessible due to a network outage.


A web based application is wonderful but I see a future need to manage a hosted environment with a client application (hopefully Webflow) in my localized market to fully support my small business client’s technological and design needs.  I’m trying to build a greater web presence for my clients but there’s no fault tolerant environment that will allow continuing operations during a presumed outage or company change. 


A licensed Webflow downloadable software application similar to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and/or Salesforce would be helpful for my client’s web presence and that of my own. 


I know this request possibly changes Webflow’s business model and strategy… I’m just spit balling, and again, it’s a concern I’ll need to address at some point as my client base grows.  I really do love Webflow as a platform and I hope to build many more sites in the future.


Thanks for your time. 


And thanks for a wonderful platform.

  • Brian Fenner
  • Jan 27 2017