Option to combine county tax and state tax into one tax line

  • Brian Hinson
  • Apr 27 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Aaron Marciniak commented
    2 Mar, 2023 09:06pm

    I am honestly a little dumbfounded at how this hasn't been fixed and or why it was itemized in the first place. This seems like a very basic ecommerce function as in every single other ecom company that is mainstream is doing a single line taxation summary and not an itemized list of taxation. For such an incredible piece of design software, I sure hope this gets fixed. Customer experience is THE absolute most important thing when it comes to ecommerce and this to me is enough to choose a different company as the customer complaints are rolling in. When a customer is ready to buy the LAST thing you want is for them to stop and question whether they are being over charged. It is enough for people to hold off on purchasing which is enough to lose a customer in this market. The fact that this was first mentioned in 2021 (as seen below) and it is now 2023 and there has been no change is a really bad reflection on how much webflow considers it's user complaints as valid or of importance. Fix this.

  • Tricia Hunter commented
    5 Oct, 2022 03:52pm

    I definitely feel like there should only be 1 line of taxes. I have never see taxes itemized in 3 lines anywhere else and I constantly shop online. It is discouraging and makes people feel like they are paying more in tax than they should. Pls fix this issue asap before you lose customers.

  • Michael Youngsma commented
    3 Oct, 2022 05:32pm

    Please fix the Taxes so it's NOT itemized in 3 lines. It should read "Sales Tax" just once and list the taxes. I have a client who can't get over this, and can't use your ecommerce.

  • Michael Youngsma commented
    14 Sep, 2022 03:14pm

    This is a fix that needs to be done asap. PLEASE!!!

  • Nathan James commented
    11 Jul, 2021 04:07pm

    Can y’all please help us out with this or simply provide us with a quick tutorial or fix? Maybe y’all just partner with Shopify and work on a better integration so I can get live shipping rates too vs. guessing

  • Yusuke Tanaka commented
    3 Feb, 2021 04:31am

    I seriously need this now

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