Shared Collections: Get Collections from other Sites

It would be great to add collections to a Project from another project. Would be called a shared Collection.

The benefit would be if we are building like a bunch of homepages for a client (because he has multiple Businesses but all are linked together) so we can grab a shared Collection and embed a custom styled CMS on every other Page.

For example:

Client has two Businesses: A and B

A has some Content with CMS, B has some content with CMS.

There are Job Postings, which would then be shared between both these businesses.

So these Jobpostings are added Once and are then displayed on page A with style A and on page B with style B.

So in conclusion I want the possibility to mark one collection as shared and then include it in other Projects.

  • Fabio Moretti
  • Apr 28 2020
  • and 4 more