Showcase Team projects on Personal profiles (Contributor Showcasing)

Who is this for?

Anyone that belongs to a Team account.

The Problem

Our Personal profiles have no mentions of any Team projects that we are showcasing.

Many Webflowers run a completely solo operation. But for many of us, we perform most of our work for a team or agency. In fact, some of my best work lives under a Team account - not my Personal account.

Currently, a project under a Team account is only showcaseable on the Team profile with no connection to a Personal profile.

The Solution

Without this becoming too complicated, I think this is best way to solve the problem - but I would love to hear alternative ideas as well!

1 -- Assigning Contributors in the Dashboard

On the Project Settings, below the Showcase toggle, add a section to assign Contributors [1-dashboard.jpg]. This would allow you to select any members of the Team and assign them as a Contributor for the project.

2 -- Displaying Contributors on the Project Showcase

On the Project showcase page, add a new section to display the Contributors [2-project-showcase.jpg]. This new section shows the Contributors that were assigned via step 1, and links to their Personal showcases.

3-- Display Team Projects on Personal Profiles

On the Personal Profiles, a new tab can be added for Team Projects which would display any sites that you are tagged on [3-personal-profile.jpg].

  • Zack Bujazia
  • Apr 28 2020
  • Reviewed