Shortcut for show/hide elements Command +S/ Command+H

  • Rannjan Joawn
  • May 1 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Rannjan Joawn commented
    3 Jul, 2021 07:06am

    Yes. It is to hide elements ..but more specifically not all elements at the same time but specific elements when they are selected. For example If I have selected a section or any div ..and I need to hide it quickly ..I should be able to press a keyboard shortcut to go back and forth... and of course the element could be a block/flex/grid/inline etc I should be able to hide it and later come back to the same state when I use the shortcut. I hope I was clear in my explanation.


  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    2 Jul, 2021 03:55pm

    Thank you for your idea submission!

    Do you mean hide all the elements on the canvas? In the navigator? More clarification would help us better understand what you're aiming to accomplish.