Free shipping discount code

Offer ability to assign discount code in eCommerce that would give the shopper free shipping on their order. (Override shipping rules)

  • Brian Hinson
  • May 1 2020
  • Shipped
  • Scott Bergman commented
    23 Dec, 2022 05:46am

    Currently this is an either/or option. I want to be able to add a discount like 25% off and also have it be free shipping. This is not possible right now.

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    2 Jul, 2021 08:54pm

    This feature shipped on Oct 7th, 2020.

  • Aaron Legaspi commented
    6 May, 2020 11:12pm

    This would be great. Now that the discounts are in beta, my client would like to be able to offer free shipping discounts as well. It seems that the current discounts are calculated to products only so they can't be applied to shipping.

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