Editable Styling For Symbols (component)

I see components as the way a site gets built, but they are inflexible.

For example, I built a hero component with text and a background image. The image was light, text dark. But if I change the image to a darker color, the text is unreadable. I had to create 2 versions of the component.


Allow option for editors / developers using component to at least change a style (and in general allow more options): in this common and simple component change the text from black to say white. Could be options that the designer / developer sets.

Would also be useful to be able to saw switch text and images in a grid, column, so image could be right or left hand side.

These are very common usages. In the examples above I would need 4 variations of the same component/ symbol. Better is one symbol with option to change image from left to right, and change text from dark to light.

  • Lino Lourenco
  • May 1 2020
  • Reviewed