Ability to edit links of link blocks in the Editor

Would be great if this feature will be reintroduced so that clients can change not only the text of link blocks, but also the link itself.

  • Fabian Sachsenröder
  • May 4 2020
  • Rosa Maglione commented
    29 Aug 22:54

    Clients definitely need to be able to edit links in link block.

  • Alexander Wong commented
    24 Aug 10:22

    The amount of nonsense from this is beyond my comprehension, removing a standard and expected feature and non-informing your customers. This is really unacceptable and unprofessional by Webflow team.

  • Alexander Wong commented
    24 Aug 10:01

    I'm really not sure why this feature was removed, like why? I didn't even know about this until my clients complaint about it. Why are we moving a step back from a feature that was A MUST?

  • Stu Smith commented
    15 Aug 03:48

    Please. The only url clients can edit are buttons. We use link items in footer navs and overlays.

  • Cyan Cooper commented
    22 Jul 04:51

    You don't think clients want to change their links? This is the kind of thing that torpedos a deal, because the client doesn't want to become reliant on the designer and they don't want to learn Webflow; their only option is sufficiently thorough control via the editor. If you don't give it to them... Wordpress.

  • Stephanie Green commented
    22 Jul 04:50

    This is crazy to me. All of our clients' sites use link blocks and they need to be able to edit/update those without going through us. Why would you take away this functionality??

  • Andre Jordan commented
    06 Jun 20:49

    Definitely a must have

  • Erin Keeffe commented
    02 Jun 17:05

    There is an official Webflow article describing this exact feature and how to use it here, even though the feature was supposedly disabled without any official word aside from a conversation in the forums here. Would love to see this re-enabled.

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