Flexible image layouts in the CMS Rich Text Editor

At the moment you can only add a single image and not have images side by side. I am looking to create different layouts like the attached.

  • Paul Richardson
  • May 8 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Benno Ludwigs commented
    16 Jun, 2023 02:15pm

    This ist so important! We really need more layout flexibility for individual content.

  • Lorin Atzberger commented
    3 Jun, 2022 09:28am

    This is exactly why I'm not going to buy a yearly subscription. Webflow seems nice but lacks features like crazy. The amount you can do with it is very limited so far.

  • Quitos Pangea commented
    18 Jan, 2022 03:55pm

    Can't believe Webflow hasn't yet integrated this... I'm trying to have a travel blog with multiple images but all I can do is have one below each other instead of side-by-side. Unbelievable.

  • Benjamin Kozlowski commented
    14 Feb, 2021 11:50am

    Any updates on this?

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